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moLearn provides you with a mobile app branded for you and a platform to publish your training content very easily.

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It doesn't have to end in the classroom

Keep your trainees engaged beyond the classroom. Provide an app with which you can continously publish educative content related to your programme and continue to earn subscription revenue

Unique format

We have created a unique format that makes learning fun, engaging and less boring than it used to be. Think of it like flash cards on steroids.


We have designed a gamification engine into the platform to drive completion of courses. Learners compete against peers for most points based on agaging with your content.

Chat with a mentor

Want your learners to chat easily with an assigned mentor via email or WhatsApp while studying your content? This is built into moLearn.

Multiple formats

Video. Audio. Long form text. Short form text. All are supported. Your app can have all of it within the same course.

Testing platform

Do you need trainees to take a test after completing a course. We've got that covered.

Subscription payments

Whether you'd like your trainees to pay once and for all for a course, or monthly subscription, your app will support both. Powered by secure payments from Paystack.

A leaderboard to "jinja" them

Your trainees compete against one another. Earning points based on content consumption. They all get a view of a live leaderboard showing who's moving the fastest and completing tests.

Reports that make sense

Simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your elearning environment.


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